Better Platform for Hay Day — Android or iOS?

Hay Day iOS Android

Hay Day sounds like some more like an expression of someone who is at its peak than being a game. I know that is most what others think of the title of the game. Turns out it’s a mobile game that right now is making millions everyday. At first it was just available on iOS, now its ported to the Android ecosystem. Personally, I am a fan of this type of game because I used to play a lot of Farm Town. So maybe you’ve played that game also and perhaps would like to try Hay Day after hearing something positive coming out of my mouth right now. If that’s the case, I’m willing to bet it’s not on iPhone because most of the people I’ve asked plays on Android. It’s probably just me and my observation but as far as I have seen, it is always the case.

Anyway, either you play on iPhone or Android, it does not really matter because both of which has the same gaming experience because its basically the same game. It is an online game and players from both platforms are able to see and play with each other. Which is fitting because this is a game needs a big player base to make it more compelling and fun to everyone. It’s clearly designed for players that are more young and young at heart whose love falls for farming simulation. Not that its only for the youngsters but its more like design for those who have a lot of time to play which is not really speaking for the adults who kind of busy most of the time.

By the way as the name would suggest is about farming and growing different types of crops. You play as some guy and you will be entrusted to take good care and improve a piece of farm. Players refer to it as  “adventuring.” What you really end up doing is a combination of very different things that is related to farming — like growing trees and crops, animal raising, cleaning the farm, baking and cooking stuff, and even cooking. As I’ve said earlier this game needs relatively time consuming than any game out there because you spend half your time running errands (so called tasks and missions) for people, and growing crops.

Anyway, there’s not much to the gameplay of Hay Day. And, the coolest thing about this game is definitely the progressing your farm to a lot more sophisticated and bigger one. Something that you can brag with your fellow players. As you level up , you can create more stuff for your farm. And there’s actually some pretty awesome features that will be unlocked. So for playability, I have to think this game’s a big improvement and a better one to the Farm Town of yesteryear. And it’s also got some additional content, with more than 100 unlockable items and some new minigames, too. The drawback, though is that it hasn’t gotten any aesthetic improvements. So the graphics, the sound it’s pretty much identical to the other titles of the same genre. By the way, it only costs nothing to play it and that is one strong point for the game. It’s a game that’s a bit too simple yet engaging and fun for anyone other than little kids.


Super Evil MegaCorp Putting Effort on Vainglory Development

Vainglory Heroes

You know, for the longest time I have been a big fan of MOBA game like Dota and League of Legends. It is basically what is making a scene in as far as E-Sports is concern and online gaming is concern. It is like the Counter-Strike of FPS back in the day. However, one thing that is missing out here is the fact that gamers nowadays does not just have PC or consoles in their hand. Majority have their smartphones and tablets. The may sound silly but I think most of the people are using more their mobile devices than their PC or console. Thus the need for mobile game developers to really give their best at developing games that the gamers want. And personally speaking, I would to play DotA on my tablet than on my PC because I am always traveling.

With the above wish mentioned, I am grateful that somehow one developer did put an effort into making a MOBA game designed to be played on tablets and phones. Thanks to Super Evil MegaCorp making Vainglory as the first MOBA game optimized for touchscreen mobile devices. Not only that, they also made it a point that is free-to-play so that many gamers will get to enjoy the title without having to spend anything. However right now it is only available for those using iOS phones and tablets, but developer is promising it to purport it soon to Android. To be honest, I would love to try this game but until then I can only watch because I do not own an iOS device. I am not a fan and will never be.

As far as the game goes. This is certainly not the best MOBA game out there but if you are going to look at it on the other way around knowing that I would still give it a go. Why? To develop a game that is designed for mouse and keyboard and make it a point to be playable with just your touchscreen is already a great innovation. Putting the effort in itself is already a big hurdle yet Super Evil MegaCorp still push thru with Vainglory. shocking, this game. It’s really not bad but not great either, but the overall quality is decent for me to recommend who are MOBa fans. If a indie company can do it, why not the bigger ones like Blizzard, Activsion, EA etc. At least, I know that they have a greater capacity of doing great at this one.

Okay, quick recap on Vainglory — respectable gameplay, great design, brilliant graphics and music this game is good to go. And hey, guess what? On top of that, you will get this for free. Well, guys, how can we make this thing even better? Oh, I have an idea. Why not add a social feature, right? I am really excited with how this game will evolve and develop in the long run.


The Humor and Fun You Can’t Deny with Sims 4

The Sims 4 Game

A wise man once said, “There is always that child in us, no matter how old we are.” I personally believe such statement. I know it for a fact because I still consider myself a teen at some circumstance that this life gives me. The Sims series is back with the Sims 4, one of the most popular, if not the most popular, simulator game that has ever been made in my lifetime. Only this time, they there are something new and there are also things that are missing out from the comfort zone that we used to seeing. I can feel those who are complaining about this game after such moved. They’re understandably pissed. That’s what happens when you too greedy for a game. I am talking about this EA Games and Maxis tandem.

As for my personal opinion about what has happened with the Sims 4 and my first hand experience playing it, I think its not that all that bad. It just needs some time to get used to though. You know, when you have been used to seeing a particular thing and suddenly it is not there. That kind of feeling, if you know what I mean. However that does not take the fact that still this Sims 4 game is an incredibly entertaining experience. This game parodies everything from what we see in real life. YOu can create whoever you want to create as your Sim. You can even make it so realistic with the new Create-A-Sim featuring a powerful engine and graphical system.

The game gameplay is one a kind with all those things you can imagine from TV shows and politics, to American culture. Present and past. And all this provides a surprisingly smart backdrop, for a game that also embraces the absurdity of life. This is a life simulator game that is, at least structurally, what you’d expect. Create your sim, dress them up, accept tasks, take on careers, upgrade and level up your house, and finally get old and die. But it’s the absolutely ridiculous way the game approaches those things that’s what makes the Sims 4 so much fun. Why shoot for realism when you can have both fun and realism? Actually, that’s another one of the elements that makes the game stand out.

To be fair, the game doesn’t look all that great, and at times, there are some glitches in the animations. The tasks and career themselves aren’t terribly exciting, either. They’re the usual “eat, sleep, work,” “collect this,” “shut down that” kind of thing. But the game does such an amazing job with the gameplay and the humor, you never really get bored. You’re too busy playing with your character. And sometimes, that’s all I want from a game.


Real Talk on “Fanboyism”


Admiration or simply call it being a fan is nothing new to us. In fact, there are lots of you reading this blog of mine because you are fan of my work. Well, I guess that settles the case – just kidding. Anyway, such thing is nothing but normal but too much of it is something that can be very disturbing at times.

PS4 is way better than Xbox one. I just made half of you very angry. Here’s why. I’m about to blow the lid off of super-fandom. Think of a product you love, whether it’s an Xbox, an iPhone, a certain brand of cracker, as boring as that may be, anything really. You have a positive reaction to it, it’s good to you, and even when it’s not, you’ll overlook it because it’s your product of choice. Now think about their competitors: Play Stations, Samsung, One Direction, they make me so mad with their worse controllers and their large screens and big eyes. But it turns out that fanboying or fangirling over a product can be explained with some very relatable social science. And, I’ll even tell you how to break free of it, if you want to. Check it out.

Social identity theory is basically the idea that as human beings we like to belong to a group. It gives us a sense of belonging, community, camaraderie. But it puts us into a group of US and THEM. And Us are always better than Them because let’s face it, it’s us we’re talking about. One of the ways we define ourselves is by the stuff we own, like iPhone users or Xbox One owners, so much so that it actually changes us at a neural level. In fact, we actually get a positive response in our prefrontal cortex when we look at things we own compared to things we don’t. So when I hold up this iPhone, some of you are having a positive reaction and some of you are ready to leave a nasty comment on this video. So why does this happen? Why does there need to be a negative response to them?

Well, people categorize themselves and others by status, and clearly we want to be the higher status. But there can’t be a high status, without a low status group to be compared to, which is exactly why the people who like Justin Bieber attack people who like One Direction in order to raise their status. Also, check this out, the more time and money we invest into a product the more attached we are to it and feel the need to defend it. If it wasn’t the best, would I just be an idiot pumping my precious time and money into the not best? I should think not. Clearly, I am smart and have been using my time and money well. That’s your brain defending your decisions and inadvertently making you a fanboy.

But why do we keep going back, product after product? The new iPhone is announced and people are already lining up to buy it without even a glance at their competitors. Well, that’s because of a little thing called Choice Supportive Bias. Choice supportive bias can actually create false positive memories around a person or product we’ve chosen to combat buyer’s remorse. This makes us defend our previous purchases without any real critical thought.

So, how do we break away from all this? I don’t want to be a slave to my human brain, or more accurately the companies taking advantage of my human brain! Well, step number one has already been completed. Learn about fanboyism so you can identify them when they’re happening. Take a step back when you feel yourself getting riled up and really look at the facts. Allow yourself to be honest about the product or person you’re fanboying about. And most importantly, when talking to someone about a competing product. Make sure they ask your opinion before launching into a tirade about why your phone or band or game system is better and how theirs is actually making them dumber.


Things You Need to Know About Alien Life Existence


Are we really alone in this so called universe? What if we are just one of those minute things that exist in a bigger reality of things more than we can imagine? What if aliens really do exist, but we still haven’t seen it since we haven’t look that far? Hopefully this questions will be answered soon. I know you would want to know about it, do you?

Is it possible we should be looking for life-supporting planets a little differently? Maybe. And maybe that’s a good thing. One of the most compelling things we’re doing in space is looking for other Earth-like planets that could harbour life orbiting other stars. When we look for life on exoplanets, we typically look for Earth-like planets in Earth-like places, that is, terrestrial planets that orbit their star’s habitable zone, that magic zone where water can exist as a liquid on the surface. But new research from Cornell University says we might want to broaden our search.

For young solar systems, the habitable zone around a host star can actually be much further from that star than previously thought. That’s because young stars are hotter; stars gradually cool as they age. And this is good news in the search for exoplanets because it’s easier to detect planets slightly farther away from their stars. And because stars can cool for up to 2.5 billion years, it’s possible that life could begin on a planet during its star’s early life when the star’s habitable zone is further away because it’s much hotter. As the star cools and the habitable zone shrinks, that life could theoretically move to the planet’s subsurface or underground oceans. So there could be life on planets well outside a star’s current habitable zone.

But there are other factors at play here, like if a runaway greenhouse effect is triggered. This happens when a planet absorbs more energy from its star than it can radiate back to space, which can lead to a rapid evaporation of surface water. But that doesn’t mean the planet will be forever lifeless. A planet could still become habitable if water somehow arrives after the runaway phase ends, like a late heavy bombardment of water-rich asteroids. That’s what happened to the Earth. Some of our water arrived after this early runaway phase from a heavy bombardment of water-rich asteroids. So when it comes to looking for life on other planets, looking at nascent systems around young stars might be a better way to look. It doesn’t change things immediately, but are you guys excited at what widening our search for life on other worlds might reveal?


Hacking Our Way to the Fascinating Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds Science

Animals are so fascinating to watch. There are so many things that we really can’t fathom in this world but why would we want to do that, when all we have to do is to get mesmerized of how brilliant this world was made and engineered by a superior being.One of his creation is this so called hummingbirds which are going to take a look today and decipher some of the things that make this tiny bird look amazing on flight.

Hummingbirds are incredible creatures, aren’t they? Just watching them in flight, darting from flower to flower, is awe-inspiring. To drink nectar from flowers, hummingbirds rely on their ability to hover. But how do they do it? Engineers from Vanderbilt University teamed up with a biologist from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to create a detailed, aerodynamic simulation of hummingbird flight. The simulation demonstrates that the way a hummingbird flies is much more closely related to insects than it is to other birds. Unlike other birds, Hummingbirds can generate lift not just on the downstroke, but on the upstroke as well. This happens by inverting their wings.Larger birds get practically all of their lift on the downstroke.

Insects, however, can also hover, fly back and forth, and side to side. Their wing construction may be different, but like the hummingbird, insects also produce lift from both the upstroke and downstroke. Hovering, in itself, is an amazing feat that requires intense visual processing. But two researchers from the University of British Columbia claim to have found a glitch in the hummingbird hover system. The researchers found that altering a hummingbird’s visual stimuli while it attempts to feed causes the bird to falter in flight.

The hummingbirds were put into a laboratory flight arena. They hovered around a plastic feeder in front of a surface that projected images. When still images were projected, the birds had no visible response. Moving images, however, seemed to trip their game up. A rotating spiral, for example, caused the hummingbirds to drift backward repeatedly as they tried to make contact with the feeder. Kind of like me trying jog and drink water at the same time. The poor hummingbirds still could not get used to the moving images when the researchers repeated the experiment. When the bird’s beak broke contact with the feeder, a re-boot was triggered – the bird would come back to its original hover position, only to get tripped up again by the same images.

The researchers explain that this experiment suggests quote – “the hummingbirds’ visual motion detection network can over-ride even a critical behavior like feeding.” These findings could open a door to more research on other interesting ways that flying birds use visual information.